lunes, enero 10, 2011

Visto lo ocurrido a Assange, ¡mejor las cositas claras!

Re-usable Contract (for Assange) to participate

Consented Sex with a Swedish Adult


The experience you are about to enjoy

might not be to your expectations!

I am doing everything in my hands to provide you with a perfect experience, by taking this time, as always, the maximum care to each possible detail.

However, many things could occur in the process that limit the quality or time of the experience you have heard so many wonders of.

in mind that at no point, before, during or after the experience, the
highest safety standards will be put in stake, and that should the even
occur that safety of any kind is breached due to the manufacturer’s
cause of the object(s) used, I cannot be liable of such faults.

the experience you are about to enjoy does not imply in any way any
sort of compromise from my part to indulge in further or repeated
deliveries of the experience

(at least today)

In order to provide you with a great experience every time, and to assure the best service afterwards, everything will be recorded in video for your benefit.

By participating in the experience that you are about to enjoy, you are agreeing to transfer the copyright to me.

If, even with all our care, you think that I could have done more to deliver to you a better experience to the level have had notice of, you can always file a complaint that I will be glad to address as soon as I can.

And last, and most important; you have the right to withdraw consent at any moment, please say loudly the sentence “I withdraw consent” if you can voice it, or clearly do the gestures in international sign language gestures (shown behind) otherwise.

signers underneath declare to consent in perfect use of their reasoning
capabilities and that they meet all the criteria required by the law to
have consented adult sex:


(or telephone number)

Date (*)

(*) put “” if it is the same


(*) I care for the environment and the health of planet Earth. Stop Deforestation, reuse this form!


Genial idea de El Germen

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